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Turn our platform into your own hiring portal to use as a revenue generator or a service for your employees.

Military Jobs Translator

Integrate our Military Translator onto your site, which includes over 7,000 military jobs that will be mapped to jobs on your page.

Consulting Services

Embed our mentorship platform onto your site to connect new hires with mentors or have our specialists come in to train your team on the best practices of working with veterans.

Flat Fee Sourcing

One of our team members can be dedicated to your account for a flat fee to send you resumes of qualified candidates for the jobs you care about most.

License JobPath Software

JobPath is now giving companies and organizations the ability to integrate a customized skin of our site to use as your own employment portal, making it easier than ever to utilize our revolutionary services to hire and train military veterans!

Your company can take a full version of our system and turn it into a revenue generator. However you want to use it, JobPath is ready to make our cutting-edge software a part of your organization’s veteran hiring solutions today!

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Military Jobs Translator


Military Jobs Translator on your Career Page!

Thousands of military job seekers visit your careers page on a yearly basis, and now you will be able to provide them the ability to search your jobs by their military job code! JobPath has mapped over 7,000 military jobs to their civilian job categories, giving veterans a comprehensive system to look for work opportunities based off of their military careers.

By embedding our translator on your site, our system will map your openings and the job categories they are associated with to the correlating Military Job description to help guide veteran candidates to the perfect positions for their unique skill sets!

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Consulting Services

Integrate our mentorship services in your company and take your veteran onboarding efforts to the next level. Our online platform can be embedded on your site to connect current employees to mentor newly hired veterans at your company. The platform allows for email, text chat, and video calling, giving your corporate leaders the ability to easily communicate with a new veteran hire.

Our services also include in-person training to help acclimate your team on how to integrate veterans into your corporate team. We can conduct these trainings for your HR team, incoming veteran employees, or we can train the trainer and teach a member of your team how to work with veterans so they can direct their coworkers moving forward. We've partnered with Justin Constantine and others to help you and your staff.

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Flat Fee Sourcing

If you are new to the space and need help recruiting veterans, or just want help filling openings, one of our team members will be dedicated to your account for a flat fee to send you resumes of qualified candidates for the jobs you care most about.

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